Mapping out media messages

Media Message

As much as I love making lists, I am starting to warm up to the idea of mind maps. When I first was introduced to them, I found them to be confusing and cluttered, and resolved never to abandon my precious lists with their comforting bullet points and familiar indentations. After seeing my fellow classmates use them for various assignments, I started to see past the confusion and finally understand just how useful they really are!

This map I’ve created is a snapshot of my unit plan about media messages. If I were to use this in the classroom, I would probably refer back to it at least once in every lesson of the unit. We would add and change things as we went along, such as examples and descriptions. I think a finalized media message map would be a great culmination to the unit. It fits especially well because the project I have the kids doing involves making their own media message in small groups, so they could actually refer to the mind map almost as a second rubric.

Much thanks to Jeri over at ThomasParticles for introducing me to!