Media Messages: What Are They Really Saying?

Pretend you’re a fourth grade student and click here for a flipped lesson on media messages!

This is my first attempt at a flipped lesson. It’s not perfect- I recorded a separate audio track for each slide, which in turn has to be clicked manually in order to hear. To be honest though, if I was a student, I would probably prefer it that way. I have tried watching tutorial videos on YouTube and end up frustrated because I need to rewind but can’t find the exact spot I wanted. 

The idea behind this lesson is that it would replace both guided and independent practice in class, allowing for more discussion and project-based learning. The lesson serves as a part of my Integrated Technology Unit Plan, and would most likely be embedded between lessons as an out of class homework assignment. 

In the lesson itself, I don’t give a whole lot of detailed instructions for the independent practice; hypothetically, if this lesson were actually something I used in the classroom, then we would have done several lessons like it before, and the students would know that all of their responses and discussions go into a separate Google Doc. 

Comments and advice are, as always, welcome! 🙂


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