Scoop.It- My new obsession!

Scoop.It- My new obsession!

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep myself focused and motivated to finish everything I need to do for a Master’s and teaching license (in the midst of beautiful late spring weather, no less), I have now found a new and glorious form of distraction. Luckily, this distraction is not entirely superfluous. It is a social learning website called Scoop.It, and to say that it provides a wealth of information is a major understatement. Similar to Pinterest in layout and design, Scoop.It goes a step beyond the concept of “click the pretty picture and find a recipe/DIY craft/guided reading lesson” and integrates research articles, blog posts, and tutorials. Now yes, I’ll admit that Pinterest has these as well, but what I like about Scoop.It is the fact that as you scroll down your “board”, you can actually see the title of the article and get a quick snapshot of what it’s about, eliminating the Pinterest custom of clicking on the picture to find out where it takes you.

The search feature on Scoop.It is another reason I rank it above Pinterest. One of the frustrations I encounter on Pinterest is the fact that my search results are limited to pins with words in the description that match my search keywords. Pins with no description are essentially left out, and any seasoned Pinterest user knows that you can get away with writing a description by hitting the spacebar or typing a period. On Scoop.It, you create topics which interest you and add keywords to broaden the search range. Scoop.It provides you with suggestions based on your interests, and as I said, “wealth of information” is an understatement. I searched for “iPads in education” and Scoop.It brought me 17,082 results (or “scoops”, as they call it).

So far I have created five topics on Scoop.It ~

Technology in the classroom
Guided reading
Writer’s workshop
Math centers
Classroom management

I have several “scoops” on each topic, and when I have more time, I plan to sit down and peruse them all at length. For now, I will have to exercise a bit of self-control and limit myself to graduate school-related scooping, but I can already tell that this website will be an incredibly useful tool for me and my future classroom.


8 thoughts on “Scoop.It- My new obsession!

  1. And therein lies the rub…finding enough time. I only learned of Pinterest when I started this Grad program and feel woefully inadequate. Now I’m all a-Twitter and into Diigo. Well, “into” might be an overstatement although I do like Diigo. Maybe when after all the classes are over I might be able to explore my new social media sites but for now it feels like just one more thing to do!

    • I agree Cory. I think that Pinterest and are great resources but I’m feeling constrained by time. I was so excited to get started with but after starting to curate my first topic, Classroom Management, I’m feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities that the site has “pushed” at me. I want to have time to look through them before deciding what to curate. At 100 suggestions for that one topic alone, I’m certain that I’ll only be able to scroll through them. Like you, hoping that maybe when classes are over, I’ll have a little more time to devote to these sites. Then I can decide for sure which ones are worth keeping.

    • I am not sure. I signed up with my email (personal, not school) so maybe there is a search option? I haven’t started looking for followers/followees (I’ve decided to make this a word) because there’s so much already at my fingertips simply by “curating” my topics.

  2. I learned today how critical it is to use the right tags or keywords for topics. I started “curating” Daily Five and the first page of suggestions included articles on marriage, a Ft Hood trial suspect, unexpected truths about liars, and “have you crossed the dark side of self esteem”!!

  3. The jury is still out on Scoopit. I’m not sold on the site yet. It might be because I am on complete overload with all the new info presented to us each week, that I am having a hard time focusing on one thing 🙂

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