Giving Reluctant Students a Voice

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Although I do agree that using a class blog, particularly one with the option to post anonymously, can be helpful for students who do not speak up, a part of me worries that we are just hammering one more nail into the coffin of conversation and face-to-face interaction. We already do so much of our communication through typing instead of talking, and today’s students cannot even recall a time in which smart phones, social media, and Photobooth did not exist. True, we can all agree that it’s never fun to finish a lecture or a lesson and receive nothing more than a shrug or a furrowed brow from every student you call on for questions or comments, but if we are going to integrate technology such as this idea of a class blog, then it needs to be one component within a larger scope of participation. 


One thought on “Giving Reluctant Students a Voice

  1. After a long and boorish meeting recently, I’m thinking a blog conversation might have been better. At least a blog conversation doesn’t allow people to shush you or talk over you! (Frustration with other adults who forget when they’re talking to peers…)

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